Meet Our Lucky Winners!

An Orlando native, Melanie Myers is an alumnus of Edgewater High School. She was in the school band and is adept at playing the flute, piccolo, oboe, sax, and piano!

Melanie has won state competitions with her artwork, specializing in exotic techniques such as Batik and Ceramics. When she’s not playing the flute or creating her next masterpiece, Melanie crossbreeds prize-winning day lilies as an active member of the Hemerocallis Society.

As a child, Melanie’s dental journey began with the unfulfilled desire to achieve a beautiful smile. Her parents tried to complete her braces treatment, but financial obstacles left Melanie without the smile she needed and deserved.

In recent years, our dear Melanie has shouldered harrowing trauma. Melanie has never backed down, struggling through job changes while fighting autoimmune diseases. Through the recent loss of her husband to PTSD, Melanie channels her energy to share her inspiring story. She spreads awareness about domestic violence and wants to be a spokesperson for victims. We cherish the opportunity to contribute to Melanie’s transformation and to share with Seminole County the difference we can all make by caring.

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