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TEARS Final LogoSince September 2010 TEARS has directly saved over 300 dogs and cats from euthanasia, and has indirectly helped thousands more by providing aid to the county facility we work with. Unlike traditional rescue groups, we work in tandem with our county facility, Seminole County Animal Services, a kill shelter, to aid and place dogs and cats that are housed there. While we do not have to bear the expensive burden of care for all of the animals directly, any money we raise goes directly to help animals that the county would traditionally euthanize. The aid we provide is vital since our county shelter must take in every animal, both stray and owner surrender, and they are limited to the funds the county provides since they are not permitted to fund-raise. Our group provides medical care and supplies for animals that the shelter, bound by county guidelines, might traditionally euthanize, such as those with treatable medical issues, minor behavioral issues and older animals. The help we provide has contributed to a 25% reduction in their euthanization numbers so far and promises to reduce these numbers further as we grow. In addition to helping pets with medical needs, we have also raised funds to create a better environment for the shelter animals. TEARS just completed a long-term shelter goal of purchasing and installing (8) 10-ft industrial ceiling fans for the dog kennels to help with the scorching Florida temps. We are now looking to revamp the dog play yards and meet and greet areas of the shelter. With your support, we can meet our goal to improve both the quality of life and shelter living conditions for these animals and the prospect of starting a new life in a new forever home!

– Kris Buchanan, President