Oral hygiene is an essential and often overlooked facet of healthcare. Dr. Falco and his professional team at Smile Design Studio can provide you with exceptional care, personalized service, multi-faceted coverage and dedication to each and every patient.

Your Journey with Smile Design Studio

General dentistry cleans and cares for the oral cavity, consisting typically of the teeth, gums, jaw and face. Consistent dental care aims to prevent diseases like gingivitis, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. Twice yearly dental visits along with a daily hygiene regimen at home can help keep your smile beautiful.

Dental visits can vary based on a variety of factors. Your dentist will periodically take X-rays of your teeth to ensure that they are healthy below the surface. If this is your first visit, your dentist will perform a comprehensive exam to evaluate your health and to create a plan that will work best for you. A typical comprehensive exam consists of X-rays, soft tissue inspection (inside of the mouth), periodontal inspection (gums and teeth), occlusion (how your teeth fit together) and a visual examination of your teeth’s health.

Your routine check-up consists of three principal steps: cleaning, polishing and prevention. The cleaning stage removes the hardened plaque, called tartar, from the gum line. While brushing removes everyday plaque, only a dental professional with the right tools and training can remove tartar from the teeth. While the instruments look intimidating, the cleaning process is painless as long as your teeth are healthy; if either you or your dentist anticipates you experiencing pain during your cleaning, a form of painkiller or sedation dentistry might be recommended. The polishing process is very similar to brushing your teeth at home. The polish removes surface stains and plaque from your teeth with a rubber brush that removes imperfections better than your toothbrush at home. Lastly, your dentist will conclude your visit by giving you advice on what you can do to keep your teeth healthier. In some cases, your routine visit will also consist of X-rays or referrals for more serious matters.

For patients who experience anxiety over visiting the dentist or could possibly be in pain during the procedure, sedation dentistry is a safe option for you. Dr. Falco offers both oral and inhaled sedation, which will relax you during your procedure. If you typically experience distress or fear when receiving your dental care, please contact Dr. Falco and his staff and they will help you decide what is the best fit for you.

Future Steps

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Dr. Falco and his associates can customize a program that best suits your needs. With a variety of services, Smile Design Studio will be able to help you achieve the confidence and comfort that accompanies a glistening smile.

Real Patient Reviews

Best office I’ve ever been too! The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Falco is the best. He takes the time to explain things and explain your options. I never feel rushed or like I’m just a number. Everyone is so caring and genuine.
Randy Martinez
I highly recommend Dr. Falco and his amazing staff!! Our entire family visits regularly for cleanings and braces for the kids. We love being able to go to the same dentist for all our dental needs! Schedule today…you will be glad you did!!!
Penny Lincoln Lawson
Dr Falco and staff have been taking care of my families dental services for 15 years. An honest and talented doctor for any type of dental needs including cosmetics. He’s the plastic surgeon of dental and cosmetic work. Thanks from our family!!!
Chase Herbig

I would recommend Smile Design Studio for a variety of reasons. Everyone there is super nice, and they take the time to make you feel very comfortable, whether it be explaining what’s going to be done during your visit, explaining how the tools/procedures work, casually conversing with you — it just makes you feel like you’ve been going there for years, which is awesome…

Devin MaGrann
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