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Dr Mark A. Falco, DMD, MS




“Being of service to improve the lives of others through better dental health is very rewarding. Everyone warms to a smile. Everyone relaxes to a laugh. Everyone enjoys a good meal with others. None of these conditions would be as rewarding if someone hated his or her smile, or felt embarrassed to laugh, or couldn’t chew certain foods in front of others. My profession changes lives. The people I work with every day understand this, too. The people I have met and became lifelong friends with because of how dentistry has changed their lives are a testament to this rewarding life.” — Dr. Mark Falco


Simply put, Dr. Falco is passionate about his profession. The opportunity to make a lasting, positive change in the life of each patient, a change that affects not just oral health but overall health and emotional well-being, brings with it great rewards. Dr. Falco has gathered a great team of dental health professionals in his practice, all of whom are as committed to helping our patients — patients who have become friends — attain optimum oral health.


Dr. Falco believes in establishing, from the first appointment, a rapport with each of his patients. He works to develop open lines of communication and emphasizes that he is always available to answer questions and discuss any concerns a patient might have. He believes in serving his patients, working with them toward their goals, cheering them on, and providing support and guidance as they move toward a healthier life and a stronger, beautiful smile.


Educational background



Always active in pursuing opportunities for continuing education, Dr. Falco feels it is essential to be continually learning new techniques and techology, so he can provide the best, proven dental treatments and treatment options for his patients. His continuing education has concentrated on TMJ / TMD and orthodontics, craniofacial pain management, tooth cosmetics, facial aesthetics, dental implant care, and the use of oral appliances for treating sleep apnea.


Dr. Falco is the contributing writer to the “Smile Doctor” column for Pageantry magazine, the nationally recognized magazine for all of the outstanding pageant programs presented throughout the country. He has improved smiles for past Miss Florida pageant winners and met several past Miss America winners.


He has taught college level courses, hosted a local radio show and has written several health-centered articles including his book “The Preservation of Health: Managing Carbohydrate Intake for Life“.


Serving the public interest and supporting the foundation of dentistry, Dr. Falco is the current President of the Central Florida Academy of General Dentistry and currently holds the Secretarial position for the Florida Academy of General Dentistry.


Professional affiliations



Personal life

Having grown up just west of New York City in New Jersey, Dr. Falco now calls Lake Mary, FL his home. When he’s not caring for his patients, Dr. Falco enjoys traveling and learning about regional history and culture. He also enjoys being around the water, has a regular fitness routine, and eats healthy, occasionally managing to pull off cooking a great meal. Dr. Falco’s Miniature Schnauzer, Benji, demands much attention and exercise, which keeps the doctor moving and on his toes. Visit me on .

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