Many people find that the best way to manage their daily tasks is by using coffee, tea and other products that are wonderful in aiding them to stay more alert. Unfortunately, the downside to these substances are that they can cause unsightly stains that are detrimental to a beautiful smile. Luckily, lumineers can improve your smile painlessly and permanently conceal stains, chips, discolorations, misaligned teeth and other damages by covering the surface of your teeth with a tooth-colors material.


What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers offers you a second chance at whiter, brighter teeth by allowing you to undo stains and damages done by food and beverages you consumed or oral injuries that might have occurred. Lumineers are ultra-thin and translucent allowing them to seem as natural as enamel. Although traditional veneers are thicker and require grinding down the original tooth structure, lumineers are so thin that little tooth reduction is needed. A curing light is used to bond and set the lumineers to a patient’s teeth. They can be applied with no anesthetic and can last over 20 years. The best part is that they will look and feel comfortable from the moment they are placed because no grinding or shots are necessary.


Why Would You Need Lumineers?

The ideal patient for lumineers are those who need to correct stains, discoloration, chips and other damages that require the shaping and placement of the tooth-like material over the surface of their teeth. Lumineers can provide patients with just what they need to fill in the slight gaps, chips and proper coloring that can help them achieve a brighter and clearer smile.


What Are The Benefits?

The advantage of lumineers are that they are as thin as a contact lens, will leave patients feeling discomfort or with the need to adjust. Because they are so thin, most patients can get the perfect fit without shots or grinding down the natural structure of their teeth excessively. They can be applied with little to no tooth reduction, unlike traditional veneers. And no anesthetic is necessary, since the process is for the most part pain-free. Lumineers allow patients to enjoy their treatment immediately without having to deal with any post-procedure discomfort or sensitivity. Lumineers are also reversible because little is changed or grinded off the original tooth structure. They are also known to last for longer than 20 years and let patients confidently enjoy any kinds of food and beverages they crave.


How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of lumineers should never deter you from achieving the smile that you desire. If you believe that lumineers are the right option for you after discussing this with Dr. Falco, then you should definitely consider making the investment. The cost of lumineers is comparable to braces or aligners and it’s manageable to find the right treatment options for you within your budget. And Dr. Falco will definitely work with his patients to find the most flexible payment options.


Why Should You Choose Dr. Falco?

Dr. Falco is committed to helping his patients find the best treatment options for their needs, within their budget. He has over 30 years of experience, and his successful work with lumineers have many many patients happy. His goal is not only to improve esthetics but also help restore the vitality of his patients’ teeth and help them in their functionality as well. Dr. Falco adheres to the best professional standards in order to improve the chances of success with his patients and their treatments.