Dental FAQ



Why do I need regular dental care?

Just as you care for your body through eating well and exercise, your teeth and periodontal regions need routine attention as well. Brushing and flossing your teeth every day will keep your teeth healthy, but these activities cannot remove the hardened tartar or evaluate your risk for tooth decay. Your dentist will typically only see you once or twice a year, but if you have any problems, you may be seen as frequently as every three months. Also, regular dental care can alert professionals to major diseases that could affect your health, such as cancer or growths. Early identification is the best way to combat any serious issues, and a visit to your dentist is the best possible defense against these dangers.


What kinds of services are offered by Dr. Falco?

Dr. Falco offers cosmetic dentistry, children’s orthodontic treatment, emergency dental care, Invisalign consultations, oral cancer screenings, orthodontics, preventative care, sedation dentistry, teeth whitening and TMJ/TMD treatment. Click on the “Services” tab for more information on each of these treatments.


What is the benefit in choosing Dr. Falco?

Oftentimes to get across-the-board care, you need to see a dentist, orthodontist and countless others to get the myriad of services offered to you inclusively by Dr. Falco and his team. Smile Design Studio offers your general cleaning services, oral cancer screenings, orthodontia work, temporomandibular joint (socket that connects your jawbone to your skull) care, cosmetic dentistry and others in the same office with the same staff. The ease of this unified care team is incomparable; why have to remember so many different names when you just have to remember one?


What is the cost of Dr. Falco’s dental care?

Because dental care is so specialized, the most accurate way to price your visits would be to schedule a consultation with Dr. Falco and his team so they can evaluate your dental health and give you a detailed and personalized appraisal to best suit your needs. Please call the office at (407) 804-0770 for more information. We will work with you and your insurance to figure out the cost most accurately.


What do I do if I have a dental emergency?

We are available any time to help you or your loved ones with the care you need. Please call our main line at (407) 804-0770 to be seen by our emergency dentist.