Are Braces Right for You?

Do you dream of a better smile? Are you embarrassed to laugh out loud or flash your smile? This does not have to be the case. Dentists are working hard to ensure that the teeth you have been given can be as beautiful as possible.

Dentists use many procedures to do this, including the use of braces. Braces are no longer just for teenagers to wear in shame and bemoan that they will never be popular anymore. The metal bands, brackets and gadgets around the jaw are not just for evil villains either. Adults over the age of twenty are now making up half the population of those who are wearing braces.

So, you thought you were stuck with crooked teeth, but now you too can bemoan that you won’t be as popular around the office or around your spouse. Now, you can have the benefits of straighter teeth through braces.

Getting braces is a huge commitment. They usually take around twenty months to be removed completely, and can take up to thirty days to get used to. Your jaw, teeth, gums, and joints may hurt for a time as your mouth adjusts to the difference.

If you decide that your smile can be improved by the objects that used to give teenagers nightmares, there are some great new enhancements out there.

Enhancements to Braces

To those that shudder to remember, braces used to be very bulky. Getting them was like having a brake pad from a small Toyota installed in your mouth. No wonder they were dreaded throughout middle and high schools everywhere.

But, braces have undergone some wonderful and convenient enhancements. The heavy metal brackets have been replaced with smaller brackets that are now bonded together. They still stretch the mouth, but they cut down on the strain significantly. In other words, people will not mistake you for a classic James Bond villain when you wear them.

You can also get ceramic ones that are clear. Instead of brackets, they are held together with an adhesive. These are less noticeable, but they stain easier. You should avoid all of those dark liquids that are warned about in denture commercials; that would be soft drinks, coffee, tea, etc.

Other Options

There are many other choices to enhance your smile.
If you desire to have your teeth colored, shaped, repositioned and adjusted quickly, veneers might be a better choice. They are more expensive, because they give you an instant finished look. Many people that tend to get these have already had their teeth damaged before. They can be a great option other than braces.

There is also Invisalign. The definition is in the name, they are out of sight and they align your mouth like braces. They consist of clear, removable orthodontic aligners that are adjusted as the teeth shift into place without metal or wires. They truly are invisible unless someone is looking extremely close.

However, if you have a severe bite problem, and your teeth are too crooked, the traditional braces are best. The process is quick and easy with the exception that you do not need additional dental work done.

The Procedure

As for any orthodontic procedure, your dentist will first clean and dry your teeth. Then he will apply bonding glue. After that, he attaches the brackets, the arch wire, and the elastic bands to hold them in place.

The procedure is that fast. You are now on your way to a more beautiful smile. You just have to follow the dentist’s instructions properly to prevent future problems.

After the Procedure

There is some pain that comes with braces. Your mouth, jaw joints, teeth and gums are adjusting to a new shape. You may feel some pain that medications like Orajel or Ibuprofen will ease. After the procedure is complete, you have to avoid acidic beverages and try not to touch your teeth and gums at any point after the procedure. They are extremely sensitive.

How Old is too Old?

If your teeth are in relatively good condition and are just crooked, there is no age limit to have braces put on. From fresh faced teens to the elderly, braces are a viable option to fix smiles. They are lightweight and often invisible, which gives them a greater appeal. Now, you see more and more adults of all ages wearing them. To see if braces are a good option, you simply have to consult your friendly neighborhood dentist.

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